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My name is Victor Duez. I'm a 19 years old Photographer & Videographer. I live in the small, yet beautiful, country of France. I'm highly inspired by the world around me - people, art, music, politics, you name it, and I'm somewhat of a daydreamer. I love doing what I do. Having some form of impact on the lives of people is what brought me here.

With a massive passion for portrait and vintage photography, i've started this website in december 2012 and i've been slowly building a portfolio that speaks for itself. I'm using several different lighting techniques to create different moods and looks.

My history? The journey started back when I was 11 years old, back when I picked up my first copy of Photoshop: CS2/Sony Vegas. I started exploring it, and even though I understood next to nothing at the time, I had tonnes of fun throughout the learning process. I believe that when you're learning your way around something, always be inquisitive & optimistic. After countless failures, and futile attempts at imitating the artists who inspired me, I started creating my own material. I was really interested in mixed media and manipulation of images and videos. The thought of taking a scene and turning it into something completely different really drove me far. After so long, I wanted to take my own photos & videos and manipulate them myself.

Over the years i've been learning little by little photography, videos, artworks.. Today, I continue to explore, capturing videos, shooting with my Nikon and going absolutely crazy in Photoshop (:

    "Be creative or die trying." - Anonymous